Labtam Staff

Labtam Australia's Lead Staff

Paul Unwin

General Manager Factory Operations


Paul is the  General Manager – overseeing the logistical manufacturing process of Labtam, product development sales and customer relations.


Paul was instrumental in gaining ISO:9002 Accreditation for Labtam  in 1996. Labtam's current accreditation has been upgraded to ISO9001-2008.


Prior to joining Labtam, Paul has gained extensive manufacturing & technical knowledge from over 15 years experience within the Design, Manufacturing & Implementation Industries for Department of Defence, Marine, Naval, Aviation, Medical & Safety Equipment.


Trevor Dawes

Purchasing Manager


Trevor is the Purchasing Manager of Labtam Pty Ltd.


John Di Paolo

Accounts Payable


John Di Paolo is the Accounts Payable

Chris Taylor

Lead Electrical Engineer


Chris is the leading Electrical engineer of Labtam Pty Ltd.




Accounts Payable

Chief Electrical Engineer

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