About Us

About Us.

Beginning in 1972, Labtam have stayed true to its grass roots and focused on attention to detail and cost benefits in prototyping.


Labtam is an Australian leading designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic circuit boards for all industries including AIDN. The Companies strengths have focused on its combined technical expertise, vision, management and commitment to quality. All these major factors have made Labtam a successful technology development and manufacturing company.


Historically, Labtam is one of the oldest subcontractors of electronics manufacturing companies in Australia. Specialising in surface mount technology (SMT),  through hole manufacturing, product assembly, full turn key projects and has focused on RoHS compliance since the introduction in 2006.


Labtam's manufacturing facility of approximately 19,000 sq ft is completely ISO 9001:2008 accredited and has focused for over 40 years on cost saving process for our Clients, and are truly dedicated to Quality Manufacturing in Australia.


Labtam offers clients adaptability in manufacturing, diversity in production and are solution focused.



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